by Erica Franz

Erica Franz

I've been riding since I was 9, and in love with horses from the day I was born. Living in Washington with my husband Jason, 2 horses and our 4 dogs.

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  1. I compete at lower level dressage. When I went to purchase a nice bridle for my horse, they all had flashes or cranks. I ended up cutting off the tab that holds the flash. The way the bridle is designed you can’t remove the noseband (it’s all in one piece on the crown.) But it’s okay, it looks tidy and doesn’t bother my horse. In any event, at training level, with a loose noseband, we’ve placed first or second in all 11 of our outings.

    • Outstanding, Terry! I’ll bet you have a very happy horse who can breathe properly!

    • Absolutely. I am still amazed that so many people still adhere to this archaic piece of gear to ‘control’ their horse. Sad really.

  2. I’m new to horses so nose bands are something I’ve always seen & used. After following Erica at my next lesson I asked my instructor if my girl needs one & she said “no horse needs one”. “They are there to hide the symptom of the problem of a horse opening their mouth.” So she took it off there & then & off we went!

  3. I mostly always ride in a side pull. While I sometimes use a bit, I never use a nose band.

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