American Horses Are Still Being Slaughtered

Yes, American-based slaughter plants have been closed and horse slaughter ruled illegal in the states. But… horses are still being sold to kill buyers in the US and then transported across the border to both Canada and Mexico where horse slaughter continues. And… the same issues exist in those plants as did American plants of inhumane slaughter practices.

I am surprised that I haven’t seen these videos posted in more places.

WARNING: Very Graphic

Videos from Bouvry Exports in Alberta

Videos from Viande Richelieu in Quebec

The existence of these videos, which imo are some of the best undercover videos demonstrating the atrocities present in slaughter plants, is thanks to The Canadian Horse Defense Coalition who is pushing to end slaughter in Canada.

Still images have also been posted on their site under the “Chambers of Carnage” page along with many other links which simply make one sick to their stomach.

The question still begs to be asked, “why are American horses still being slaughtered?”

Well, American horses are still being bred irresponsibly. They are still being bought by first time owners who know nothing about horses and then discard them when they get injured, frustrated or bored. They are still being used in commercial sports and industries where they are only worth the revenue they can generate.

I don’t bring up anything about the recession, because horses were still being slaughtered en masse when our economy was booming and people were throwing money away. Now as we scrimp and save our pennies, horses are still being thrown away with one overlying cause – overpopulation and industries of disposable horses.

Erica Franz

I've been riding since I was 9, and in love with horses from the day I was born. Living in Washington with my husband Jason, 2 horses and our 4 dogs.