Do You Half Halt?

I do, but can also attest to the fact that descriptions of the half halt are less-than-helpful. The half-halt is a specific riding aid given by an equestrian to his horse, in which the driving aids and restraining aids are applied in quick succession. It is sometimes thought of as an “almost halt,” asking the […]

Science: Barrel Racers Can Win Without Abusing Their Horse

Attn: Barrel Racers – new research shows you’re no more likely to win if you whip, spur or yank/crank on your horse around the cloverleaf! This is great news, it means no more excuses for those unsavories in Barrel Racing who beat on their horse around the barrels. Oh, and all that wailing is actually […]

A Clinic with Nuno Oliveira

This video of a clinic with Nuno Oliveira, instructing Hélène Arianoff is the perfect way to start the weekend! Watch the original video on Facebook And, let’s follow it up by fast-forwarding today at a clinic with Hélène Arianoff. What did you enjoy or disagree with?

Train Your Horse by the Brain, Not the Bit

Once we see our horse as an equal, instead of an object for our selfish use, we’re met with a new blessing and challenge. The horse’s brain. Yes, I know it’s a reach to think the horse has a brain – considering how often we’re reminded of it’s peanutty-size. But it’s true, our horse has […]

Putting Your Horse At Risk is Bad Horsemanship

My number one, numero uno, de facto is that I never ask my horse to put himself in harms way for me. But not all equestrians follow this motto. Quite to the contrary, many put their horse at risk every day without even a glancing thought. Like overworking the under-conditioned horse and risking an injury that is completely preventable. I’m […]

TN Trainer Whipping Her Horse Proves She Isn’t A Trainer

Anyone can give themselves a title, and even get paid for services under that title. But would you call someone a Medical Doctor who hasn’t gone to school for medicine, just because they’ve forged a degree and opened an office? Equestrians do this all the time. For example, a Tennessee horse trainer was caught on […]

5 Reasons Equestrians Avoid Speaking Up Online

Most equestrians have been involved in at least one online horse community long enough to have met a few trolls. And I dare say, most of us have also had an opportunity to see something we don’t agree with; but we avoid saying anything as we begin imagining what kind of trolls will crawl out […]

Cyndi Plasch and the Wiffle Ball Bat Abuse

It’s that time of the year, Midwest Horse Fair is happening in Madison, Wisconsin. In commemoration I’d like to revisit the Cyndi Plasch incident from 2012, when she apparently lost her shit loading a horse on the trailer, got caught on video for it, and ultimately faced a fine. The internet erupted when the video […]

Nobody Makes You Ride Horses, Be Responsible for Yourself

There is no evil scapegoat we can blame for forcing us to (love) (ride) (train) (compete) our horses. Nope, the only person we can blame is ourselves. But we aren’t terribly good at owning the results of our choices and actions as equestrians. Instead we like to blame the horse, for example casting him off as […]

When Equestrian Art Meets Mozart & Bartabas

It’s never a bad time to watch equestrians outside the mainstream for inspiration. What do you love, what do you hate? Bartabas horses danced on the world’s greatest operatic stage, the famous Felsenreitschule in Salzburg. As part of the Mozart week he staged a cantata by Mozart, “Davide Penitente” K 469. This is a rarely […]