Bad Horse Ads: Episode 2

Bad horse ads, miniature horses can be cute but not all need to reproduce.

In this Episode of Bad Horse Ads we have the pleasure of two horses acting as the model of their breed and station, and one special old girl who's looking for a good home. Mr. Dangles Not his official name, but I feel like "Dangles" alone is rather uncouth. For just $10k you can own this model example of the miniature horse, complete … [Read more...]

WEG Warmup: FEI Announces New WEG 2014 Slogan

The FEI announces new slogan and accompanying poster for the 2014 World Rollkur Cup in Normandy, France

The FEI begins distribution of their new slogan for the 2014 World Equestrian Rollkur Cup, to be held in Normandy, France. "See Something? Say Nothing!" In response to failed efforts leading up to the 2010 World Equestrian Games to silence critics, the FEI hired German PR Firm Ruhe! Their attempts to ban video and photography equipment … [Read more...]

Symptoms of Strong Rein Aids

Strong rein aids can produce a number of symptoms you might not immediately recognize when you're riding.

In an ideal world we'd all ride with minimal physical aids, perhaps even controlling the horse only with our mental intentions. But since we're still living in the real world there is a compromise to be made, and using physical aids is one such compromise. After watching this video let's run down a little mini-list of some symptoms … [Read more...]

Virtual Lesson: Using Fear to Your Advantage

Our fear stories can prevent us from taking action, or cause us to take the most irrational path and self-create failure.

I could go on and on about how fear is perfectly normal and natural, but if you're caught up in it you might be rolling your eyes and expecting this post to be all about embracing your fear. I'm going to disappoint you now and tell you it's not about embracing, but dissecting that fear. So grab your lab coat and let's get to … [Read more...]

Visual Lesson: Eitan Beth-Halachmy on Training Your Horse to Dump You

Falling off your horse is never a planned exercise, but it's important to plan practicing your position and balance in the saddle to decrease your chances of falling.

Clinicians are a dime a dozen in today's horse world, and often they give out really useless information to help wheedle you into paying for a clinic or training or to hock some new gadget they made. And other times they give out advice that is downright dangerous for the average equestrian. Our clinician today has gained a lot of … [Read more...]

Bad Horse Ads: Episode 1

Most stud colts need to be gelded, regardless of color pattern.

Horse ads are everywhere online from dedicated horse classified websites to horse forums and social groups, and it's hard not to notice the large number of downright bad horse ads. These aren't just Craigslist ads anymore kids .. "Natural Born Killer" Though he might have an unassuming barn name (Scotty) .. don't let that fool … [Read more...]

Bettina Drummond: Classical vs Competitive Dressage is a Moral Issue


The incomparable Bettina Drummond continues to speak up and add useful bits of insight to the horse world. This time she's talking about riding horses as an artistic pursuit vs riding for competition. Intro: "Today's dressage competitors do not perform the airs above the ground. The Grand Prix is the … [Read more...]

Classical Dressage Inspiration: Visuals for the Week #2


This week, inspired by the video of Wonderful I included yesterday in "The Longevity of Dressage Horses," I'm sharing with you sampling of older videos from various State Studs. These are really wonderful visuals demonstrating forward horses, using outdoor schooling Falkenstern II 1994 … [Read more...]

WEG Warmup: FEI Calls For Blood

FEI President releases request to WEG athletes to make Dressage a bloodier sport.

Surprising competitors and fans alike, the FEI released a statement earlier today calling for more blood. Attention Coaches and Athletes: Gaining mainstream publicity for Equestrian Sport is a task we work at tirelessly, and it is a necessity if we wish to continue our sport in the fashion we've grown accustomed to. As you know, the FEI … [Read more...]

Why You Should Buy A Helmet Today

Horseback riding helmets are encouraged even at the highest levels of the sport.

If you haven't done a check-up on your current riding helmet now is the time to do it and decide if you need to replace it. Why? Because today (July 12) is Riders4Helmets International Helmet Awareness Day .. and leading helmet manufacturers around the world are offering special discounts. If you don't ride with a helmet, check this … [Read more...]