Wear a Damn Helmet Already

We’re all invincible, until we aren’t. But more than saving your own neck, wearing a helmet could save the people around you from a whole lot of heartache. Unless you’re so heartless you don’t care about the people around you? Having a good hair day, trying to look ‘cool’ or whatever lame excuse you’re using […]

Romanticizing Bad Horsemanship

Let’s get brutally honest … This isĀ not Dressage. It’s abusive riding. It’s unharmonious riding. It’s riding with physical force and coercion. But the one thing it is not, is Dressage. Dressage is French for trainingĀ .. not pulling on the reins, spurring the horse, riding him behind the vertical because you can’t safely ride him in […]

The Problem with “Show Us What You Can Do”

From time to time (sometimes more often than others) I receive comments or remarks along the lines of, “how dare you criticize person-x for abusing their horse, if you’re so great then post a video showing you can do x,y,z like they do.” There are a couple of problems with these kinds of statements. The […]

Is It Ever Right to Passively Witness Abuse?

A video of Monty Roberts in attendance of a brutal beating of a young horse being broken to ride (and I mean broken), standing passively by while his film crews record, is making the rounds. Was he right in this situation or should he have stepped in to show a different way?

Do Tack Stores Perpetuate Abuse?

I avoid purchasing from major tack stores anymore, even from many local ones as they too carry very abusive items. I don’t want to support that kind of thinking in the industry so I look to buying items used from acquaintances and if not from them then from other individuals who aren’t in the business of retailing products to pain-train horses.

Artificial Horse Abuse

Just looking through the bit selection is enough to make you throw up. But they also offer ginger salve to “aid in maintaining a proper tail set,” and in case you’re a professional they sell it by the case…

Professional Horse Fighters

That’s what I’m going to start calling them. They aren’t trainers, they aren’t riders or partners or any other word used to describe someone who’s willing to listen and converse with the horse. No. Instead they are people who, for whatever reason, choose to pick fights with the horse.

More Cringe-Worthy Barrel Racing Abuse

When I see images like this, regularly, I just shake my head. Then when the inevitable comments excuses follow I’m heart-broken because these horses don’t seem to stand a chance of being ridden in a more empathetic manner.

Winning Every Training Session

“I had broken the contract. I had let personal feelings dictate my actions every time we encountered. Not once did I ever turn and simply ride off, without first giving chase. My father, bumbling and slow as I thought of him when it came to herding cattle, had almost corralled her and, except for the antics of a well meaning hunter, would have. She had fulfilled her part of the contract, She had, in spite of her wildness, given me a calf every year. In fact, as I learned the next day, She had renewed her end of it, for she had been pregnant. I, in return, had caused her death simply to show her who was boss. I sure enough showed her.”