Dressage is Dead (can we please move on?)

Dressage is dead. There, I said it. Somebody had to. Okay, not dead in the literal sense. Dressage is still alive and kicking. But, the idea of Dressage as some kind of harmonious, artistic venture is dead in the competitive scene. We’ve spent years trying to keep a diseased version of Dressage alive but it’s […]

Classical Dressage Inspiration: Visuals for the Week #2

This week, inspired by the video of Wonderful I included yesterday in “The Longevity of Dressage Horses,” I’m sharing with you sampling of older videos from various State Studs. These are really wonderful visuals demonstrating forward horses, using outdoor schooling Falkenstern II 1994 Quadrille Stallion at Celle State Stud. Dauphin 1999 Hanoverian Stallion. Look at the walk, it’s […]

Finding Balance In Dressage

It can be easy to lose balance in Dressage and end up pursuing one extreme trait of the discipline or another. Perhaps you’ve been working hard to perfect your lateral work and forgot to notice your seat work has deteriorated and now you’re bouncing all over the place. Or you’ve been drilling every day to […]

Dressage Knockout – As Terrible As It Sounds

As if the overwhelming persistence of bad dressage wasn’t enough, now there’s Dressage Knockout. Picture this: instead of the traditional “bore-you-to-tears” Dressage we’re used to seeing you get the pleasure of watching two Dressage riders compete against each other in the same arena. No scripted tests, No scores, 5-6 “flashy” movements, Winner is announced immediately, Audience […]

This is Dressage!

We’re all in need of some visual inspiration, here are a few rides to get you ready for the weekend by visualizing what is dressage. Mestre Nuno Oliveira sheds some light on the piaffé To this student of mine I ask to mobilize the horse, slowly at the walk, in a half pass to the […]

Loving Horse Sport – Interview with EponaTV

“My father was a harness racing jockey and he went into horse breeding and training. I know for a fact that he wasn’t always above board, and he’s the reason why it means nothing to me when I’m told some person’s been in the business for fifty years and therefore they can’t be doing it wrong. I grew up around very successful people who made a lot of money and I know that’s no guarantee of admirable ethics.”

Ballet on Horseback

Dressage is supposed to be a dance, why not combine it with a real ballerina? The girl riding demonstrates the ability to perform high-school dressage moves in a bitless bridle, which is a shame that competitions don’t yet allow.

We Begin.

I am owned by an exquisite mare. We call her ‘The Diva’. She is opinionated, fiery, smart, and thinks people are pretty darn fun to hang out with. One sunny August day, seven years ago, she pushed through a herd of Hanoverian yearlings and planted herself right in front of me. This little filly just […]

Exploring the Double Bridle : Unconventional Practice

I’ll keep the background story brief about me and my horse Jobi for now. I’m sure it will develop itself with more posts. I owned him for many years and brought him up through advanced work in dressage using French Classical methods, life change forced me selling him only to later have the opportunity to […]

An Equestrian’s Guide to Responsible Commenting

What is the goal of putting in your two cents? When you post a comment are you hoping to lift the person up, tear them down, or perhaps something deeper – offer an insight which they could learn and grow from? Do you go about writing comments with any of these possible options in your […]