Who Is Clinton Anderson?

I’ve received several requests to write about my impressions of Clinton Anderson and his Down Under Horsemanship… but the truth is that if I were asked to give my impression about every clinician out there my blog would be full of the same repetitious posts warning of salesmen. In my mind, not only Clinton Anderson but, almost every clinician out there is little more than a salesman working away to sell a product and turn a buck.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many who are good-hearted and honestly believe in what they are selling, and then there are others who know that what they are selling is a pile of rubbish but continue selling it anyhow. Perhaps Clinton Anderson is the latter but since I don’t know him personally I also don’t know if this is really how he feels about his own program.

To keep this short, simple and a little sweeter than some long-drawn-out post… I think if you go to watch a training session of Clinton Anderson’s you can get the best impression than me saying yea or nay. I’ve seen him in person and he did nothing more for me than to inspire my legs to carry me out of the demonstration early.

Clinton Anderson riding a Bay horse in lateral flexion to the left.

Another question from my readers — Does Clinton Anderson use rollkur? Perhaps not in the International-Dressage-Competitors’ sense of the word… however he does use flexions and can be seen regularly placing horses behind the vertical and in lateral hyperflexion as well during training.

by Erica Franz

I've been riding since I was 9, and in love with horses from the day I was born. Living in Washington with my husband Jason, 2 horses and our 4 dogs.

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