Edward Gal Uses Rollkur – Updated

Or if you prefer to call it low, deep and round then go right ahead. I don’t differentiate the two very much, it is mostly political semantics so the FEI can avoid making top riders responsible in training their horses without abuse. I digress.

What you came here wondering about is Edward Gal’s involvement. He is the famed Dressage competitor who rode Moorland’s Totilas to the highest score ever awarded in the Grand Prix Freestyle. Did he use Rollkur with Totilas? That I cannot tell you, what I can offer however is video of him riding other horses though. Enjoy –

Edward Gal aboard Rubin Cortes in France, 2011

Video Commentary

  1. Relaxation at a gallop, the horse is round and deep low attitude, it is very casual, in that attitude back to the maximum amplitude of operation
  2. Edward Gal and then enlarges the wake of reduced gallop, the horse remains flexible at relaxes. Rebound asks the horse to expand or reduce its “framework” without transfer of weight forward or backwards.
  3. Have you seen the small discrete strokes of the left hand? He asked after each movement reward the horse.
  4. Observe the relaxation of the base and legs, the simplicity of hand actions. The hands are “sets” of symmetric arms very flexible.
  5. End of relaxation at a gallop, the pirouette working a large circle provides a gradual stance somewhat higher.
  6. Little by little he tightens his work until obtaining a pirouette.
  7. Changes in the feet closer together like the rest of the key points are control of the speed and relaxation.
  8. Lateral work at a gallop, the horse is very curved and does not lose the quality of its locomotion.
  9. We clearly see here the preparation of lateral work. He asks the horse to walk straight with a fold inside, he asked the press when the horse relaxes and waits in balance.
  10. Transition in the trot for the passage.
  11. End of meeting, he lets the horse stretch at a gallop and trot off.
  12. Passionate, affordable, smiling, humorous … It would take a book to list the qualities that listeners have found in Edward Gal in the forum for questions.
  13. And the next day with a microphone was even more awesome!

My neck gets sore just watching. It is only during a poorly developed (read spoiled) walk that Edward Gal allows any freedom of the neck to his horse, and during the rest of the ride he keeps him round, round, round. Keep in mind that not only FEI rules but also Classical Dressage Masters have noted that the position of the horse’s face should be anywhere between 45 and 90 degrees depending on the horse’s individual conformation, this horse is well beyond 90 degrees.

Edward Gal’s heavy-handed training of Asther de Jeu

I feel as if his horses miss the basic element of balance, in the previous video his horse came lunging out of a canter pirouette and seemed unsure whether it should come or go through the lateral work. This “training” video is no different but it is more obvious to see how heavy of a rider Edward Gal is in it. Heavy handed, heavy legs.

Edward Gal riding Moorland's Totilas

Naturally, we will probably see Edward Gal continue many years of raging success on the laurels of Moorlands Totilas, who I am still convinced is a fluke. He is, or I should say was the horse for Edward Gal. The two were indeed a matched pair and seemed in unison. I don’t see that in any of the other horses that he is riding, training or competing.


Edward Gal rides Moorlands Totilas in Rollkur Hyperflexion at the walk

Link : Image of Gal riding Totilas, at the halt in rollkur

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