Dressage is Dead (can we please move on?)

Dressage is dead. There, I said it. Somebody had to. Okay, not dead in the literal sense. Dressage is still alive and kicking. But, the idea of Dressage as some kind of harmonious, artistic venture is dead in the competitive scene. We’ve spent years trying to keep a diseased version of Dressage alive but it’s […]

Science Proves Round Pen Methods a Joke

Round Penning techniques are used widely by Natural Horsemanship trainers and clinicians. Often to gain fast results such as starting wild horses under saddle in a matter of days. Perhaps you’ve already come to the conclusion that round penning is a great guessing game for the horse. Unless you prefer robotic responses from your horse, […]

FBI Makes Horse Abuse a Felony

Not just a felony, but a Class-A Felony. That puts horse abuse on par with assault, homicide and arson. That’s the exciting part. The motivation behind this change is to gather data on animal abuse nation-wide. The FBI hopes this will improve their ability to track crime; animal abuse is frequently an indicator of later violent […]

Bad Horse Ads: Episode 2

In this Episode of Bad Horse Ads we have the pleasure of two horses acting as the model of their breed and station, and one special old girl who’s looking for a good home. Mr. Dangles Not his official name, but I feel like “Dangles” alone is rather uncouth. For just $10k you can own […]

Bad Horse Ads: Episode 1

Horse ads are everywhere online from dedicated horse classified websites to horse forums and social groups, and it’s hard not to notice the large number of downright bad horse ads. These aren’t just Craigslist ads anymore kids .. “Natural Born Killer” Though he might have an unassuming barn name (Scotty) .. don’t let that fool […]

Why You Should Buy A Helmet Today

If you haven’t done a check-up on your current riding helmet now is the time to do it and decide if you need to replace it. Why? Because today (July 12) is Riders4Helmets International Helmet Awareness Day .. and leading helmet manufacturers around the world are offering special discounts. If you don’t ride with a helmet, […]

The Longevity of the Dressage Horse

In the beginning of my journey into Dressage, there was confident talk about the longevity of the Dressage horse. It was generally accepted that the Dressage horse wasn’t expected to reach Grand Prix until they were nearly in their teens, and perfectly acceptable to be working towards it even after they’d hit teenage years. The […]

Barrel Racers Keeping It Classy

Heads up, this post contains foul language. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. More often than you’d expect, I receive comments that are .. displeased with my writing. But the majority of them always come from Barrel Racers, upset over this and this post. But in an effort to maintain transparency about commenting, I’m sharing […]

Dressage Knockout – As Terrible As It Sounds

As if the overwhelming persistence of bad dressage wasn’t enough, now there’s Dressage Knockout. Picture this: instead of the traditional “bore-you-to-tears” Dressage we’re used to seeing you get the pleasure of watching two Dressage riders compete against each other in the same arena. No scripted tests, No scores, 5-6 “flashy” movements, Winner is announced immediately, Audience […]

Carl Hester – Don’t Bash Totilas

There is a fantastical love of Carl Hester right now. I get it, I really do. He has a very reassuring and smooth way of explaining things. He’s very careful to present himself well to the public, and at one time I thought he might be a real diamond in a crowd full of debris. But then he started […]